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Low FODMAP Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

There’s nothing better than cooking with herbs, fruits or vegetables you have grown yourself. From a full sized allotment to a couple of pots on the kitchen window sill there’s there’s an option for everyone. Below are our favourite easy-to-grow ingredients for the low FODMAP diet.

On the window sill: 

Chives – sow thinly in compost indoors from March onwards. Take 10-14 days to germinate and can be continuously cut for cooking from maturity.

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Basil – sow thinly in compost indoors. Takes 7-21 days to germinate. Likes a warm sunny window sill but keep compost moist to prevent plant bolting to seed. Harvest leaves continuously from maturity.

Rocket – likes to be sown in rich compost on a warm window sill or in a patio pot.  Keep the compost moist and treat the rocket as a cut-and-come-again salad leaf.

Chilli – Grow chilli plants on a summy window sill for a handy stock of peppers to pep-up your dishes.

Bean Sprouts – Rinse and soak mung beans in cool water for 8-12 hours.  Drain and leave in a cool place on damp kitchen roll or in a been sprouter for 4-6 days, ensuring they stay moist.

In a container:

Strawberries  – Strawberries prefer a sunny and sheltered position in fertile, free-draining soil.  Give them a good sized container with lots of organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure to ensure a good crop.

Spring onions – Spring onions will grow in any good fertile soil provided it is well drained. Sow seeds from late winter to summer at 3 weekly intervals to ensure they a ready for harvesting over a good long period of time. For an early spring crop sow seeds in autumn and over winter.  There’s no need to pick the whole spring onion, just snip the green top off and leave the rest to grow back.

TomatoesSprinkle the tomato seed thinly on the surface of some good quality seed compost in pots – most tomatoes will need to germinate indoors on a windo sill or in a greenhouse in the UK. Cover the seed with about 1.5mm (1/16in) of compost and water lightly.  Cover the pot loosely with clear plastic to keep the compost damp until the seeds have germinated.  Keep moist and pot on to larger containers as thye get bigger.  Move outside once the weather is warm and there is no risk of frost.

Pak choi – Sow thinly at 1-2 week intervals from April to prolong the crop.  Use a good sized container and keep the soil moist to prevent the plants from bolting to seed.  Pull of individual baby leaves to use in salads  instead of using whole plants if preferred. 


In the garden:





French green beans





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