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Our aim is to provide tried and tested low FODMAP recipes which produce great dishes every time. 

Looking for a low FODMAP diet sheet? 

The reason you won’t find one on this site is that we strongly believe that the low FODMAP diet should not be attempted without the guidance and supervision of a dietitian or doctor who has been trained to deliver it.

This is to protect people from inadvertantly disguising the symptoms of more serious conditions such as bowel cancer, coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, to reduce the risk of people accidentally over restricting their diets and to ensure they get the best possible improvement in their symptoms.

If you want to find out if the low FODMAP diet is the right option for you please speak with your GP or Consultant to ask for a referral to a local dietitian specialising in the low FODMAP diet.

All people planning to start the low FODMAP diet should seek advice from a registered dietitian to ensure this is the right choice for them.  It is strongly advised that you do not try to initiate a low FODMAP diet without support from a registered dietitian. 

There are some geat reasons to always choose a registered dietitian when seeking dietary information.  These include:

  • Dietitians are uniquely qualified to translate the science of nutrition into easy to follow advice for all aspects of diet and nutrition.
  • Registered Dietitians’s must be trained to degree level or beyond and registered with the Health Professions Council or they are breaking the law.
  • Dietitians are impartial in their advice and do not favour one brand or company over another.
  • Dietitians can advise on an extensive range of food related problems in both healthly people and those in ill health or disease.
  • ‘Dietitian’ is a protected job title. Only those registered with the Health and Care Professions Council who are appropriately qualified can call themselves a Dietitian.

Please speak to your GP or Gastroenterologist or visit Kings College low FODMAP dietitian listUK Dietitian or Freelance Dietitians if you would like further information about seeing a dietitian for the low FODMAP diet.